Thursday, December 20, 2012

RicanAdFunds is a marketing program that shares a portion of its profits with its advertising members. With multiple marketing programs inside our Network, our members can develop multiple income streams.

RicanAdFunds is all about  investments and advertising.

RicanAdFunds currently offer a daily 2% income for 125 days, giving 250% ROI while giving

5000 Header Banner (486 x 60) Impressions

5000 Feature Banner (125 x 125) Impressions an

5000 Feature Text Ad Impressions per ad unit.

RicanAdFunds  Professional Networks (PN) handles the ismMagic social network and the ismAdsIncome.
ismMagic is where online marketers meet, discuss and get referrals. It’s like a paying facebook.
Members earn points everytime they add friends, post on their walls, blog or comment in the site.
These points are then converted into income every end of the month.

What payment procesors do you accept?

Rican  accept payments and pay all commissions through EGO PAY,Liberty  
          Reserve, Perfect Money and Solid Trust Pay

What is the Minimum investment?

Rican Minimum investments is 15$ that is where you buy advertising  
         packages that will earn 2%daily with a maturity date of 125 days or a  
         total of 250% (ROI) return of investment.

  Example computation

Invest 150$ and earn 3$ daily for 125 days or a total of 375$ total earnings after  maturity

Invest 600$   and earn 12$ daily for 125 days or a total of 1500$  total earnings after maturity

Its up to you guys  how much investment  you will start remember minimum investments is

just 15$ .

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Thanks to alice for this info:Dec  11, 2012 at the Manila Pavilion Hotel.
Mr. Cannon introduced the Rican Business Ventures and the 7 companies inside it, which are:

  1. Rican Leisure and Travel
  2. Rican Health and Wellness
  3. Rican Financial Options
  4. Rican Professional Networks
  5. Rican Online Marketing
  6. Rican Capital Funding
  7. Rican Berlize
He explained how the company sustains the income for RicanAdFunds and ismAdsIncome.
Rican funds are managed by Rican Capital Funding which invests in Forex, Binary Options and Internet Advertising Broking. They have multiple income streams to sustain the programs.
He also discussed the future plans for the company.
They intend to put up and have 25 companies by year 2015.
The future plans are amazing and the businesses focus on helping people while making money from it.
I’m just very excited to see these plans in action.

Owner of RAF is Richard Cannon( standing with  color black jacket)


BS16 9SW 

Legal Information

Company Registration No.:08008340
Incorporation Date:27 Mar 2012
8 Months old
Financial Year End:31 Mar
on 27 Mar 2012